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Foreign Ownership of Homes with

Land in Thailand


Of course, investing anywhere away from your home country raises many questions.  Even with the recent government controversies here in Thailand, Thailand remains one of the safest countries to invest.   And the Thai Government still supports all laws to make Thailand a friendly and safe place for foreign investors.


The current Foreign Trade Act provides for foreign investment for personal dwelling in 2 ways:     1.  A Thai Corporation (Legal Trading Company) designed for foreigners to own a personal dwelling with land not to exceed 1600 sq meters;  2.  A 30 year lease (paid in full up front) with a 30 year option.  Of course, if you or your spouse are Thai Nationals, ownership is not an issue.


Currently here at Mountain Beach Villas, we have many homes owned by foreigners alone.  The corporations are technically 51% Thai and 49% foreign although the foreign home owner holds sole signature capabilities and is nominated as sole Director/CEO of the Corporation.  Voting shares, by use of irrevocable proxies, are assigned to the new Directors.


The cost of opening a Thai Corporation is currently 33,000 Baht.  Thereafter, it is approximately 15,000 Baht per year to file taxes and maintain the company in good standing.  The Company must show as being used for some sort of trade purpose.  You may arrange for everything personally or we are happy to introduce you to our Thai legal and accounting department who will open the company, handle transfers of deeds and file all  necessary annual documents.

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